Transactions and generational handovers

Transactions and reorganisations

A business reorganisation often means a sale of the business, but it may also mean a change in the ownership, a business restructure or a transfer of a business.

Our attorneys have successfully completed various business transactions. In order to secure the future of the business, it is vital that a business transaction, funding, restructure or reorganisation is successfully handled. Our attorneys are here to help with any business transaction-related problem.

We will also assess the best business structure for your firm.

Generational handover

Many businesses in Finland are family-owned. Therefore, it is common to hand the business over to a family member. As a result of a generational handover, the business may also be handed over to an outside owner. A successful generational handover is guaranteed when current and future owners co-operate with the help of a legal expert. We will ensure that possible tax relief opportunities are included, and that the business can resume its operations smoothly.