Employment law and employment relations

Employment law and employment relations

Employment law can be a complex entity. Employment relations are regulated by multiple laws and regulations as well as collective agreements. Even though it may be common practice for a firm to employ new employees, it is often a big investment and can also be considered a risk

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Our knowledgeable firm can support your business in all aspects of employment law. Whether it is drawing up employment contracts, negotiating the terms for employment contract termination or solving employment disputes, we can help. In addition to employment dismissals and terminations, fixed-term contracts can turn problematic due to terminations, trial periods or if successive fixed-term contracts are given. We also assist our clients in drawing up directors’ service agreements and by reviewing chief executive employment contracts.

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Our law firm supports companies in various fields of employment law, at the start of the employment and at the end. A reliable law firm specialised in employment matters can be a worthy partner in all employment-related issues.