Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution aims to resolve disagreements when initial negotiations have failed. Even though preventative measures are recommended in case of possible conflicts, sometimes disagreements cannot be avoided.

Cost-effective dispute resolution

Our firm helps clients in finding the best possible solution in a dispute. We appreciate that it is important to find a solution that is also cost-effective. A competent expert can make a difference, when the mutual goal of the parties is to reach a settlement. If a settlement is not an option, it is necessary to rely on an experienced attorney in a court proceeding.

Our experts regularly advise clients in disputes and act on their behalf in negotiations and trials. Ferenda Attorneys offers a competent and reliable service in disputes.

Alternative options to dispute resolution

If no settlement is reached within reasonable time, judicial mediation can be an option. This involves parties trying to find a solution that will satisfy them both with the help of a district court judge and possibly also an outside expert. The agreement reached during mediation can then be confirmed by the court. Arbitration is an alternative solution to court proceedings. The matter will be dealt with in private, and only the parties involved will be made aware of the decision. However, such decisions are still equally enforceable. The Finnish Bar Association offers another mediation option instead of a traditional court trial route.