Criminal law

A knowledgeable and reliable criminal law firm

We assist victims of a crime as well as suspected offenders. Financial offences are one of our key expertise areas. We assist our clients in police hearings and in court proceedings. We support the victims of a crime throughout the whole process and will prepare the necessary claims on their behalf.

Our services are based on trust and looking out for our clients’ best interests.

In addition to criminal law, our office has a good understanding of financial crimes, such as fraud and tax fraud, as well as debt-related crimes and accounting offences. When you require a skilled professional, get in touch.

Ferenda Attorneys also have experience in handling assignments relating to criminal negligence charges of medical staff.

We can act as assigned substitute guardians for victims of a crime who are under 18.

Support for a victim of a sexual offence

We are specialised in helping victims of sexual offences, especially minors. We provide confidential and compassionate support throughout the process. In such cases, victims are entitled to state-funded legal representation. If necessary, we will assess our client’s entitlement to free legal aid or to have legal fees covered by legal expenses insurance included in their home insurance.