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There comes a time in everyone’s life when there is a need for legal services. Common everyday legal actions include the sale of property, drawing up a will or different contractual relations. We also assist our clients in insurance related questions or in employment law, family law or criminal law matters.

Challenging civil law matters are one of our core expertise fields. We are here to support you whatever the size of your legal query.

When someone has passed away, we assist in the estate inventory and in the division of inheritance.

It is always a good idea to contact a lawyer

Our law firm provides confidential legal services in all personal matters so you can get expert advice before making important decisions. There is no need to struggle with issues that seem difficult; we can always help you find a solution.

Our skilled professionals provide a personal service across Finland. It is important to us to find the best possible outcome for our clients. Therefore, we are always fully committed to our assignments.

Free initial assessment

Co-operation with our law firm begins with a discussion where we assess the situation and provide solutions. This assessment is always free.

We also assess your right to receive state-funded legal aid, or whether your legal costs can be covered by your legal expenses insurance included in your home insurance.

Services for individuals

Child law

Matters relating to parenthood, child support and guardianship are vital for the wellbeing and future of the child. We are here to...

Criminal law

We assist victims of a crime as well as suspected offenders. Financial offences are one of our key expertise areas. We assist...

Disputes and dispute resolution

If you are a party in a dispute, we suggest contacting an attorney at an early stage. We assist even in complex...

Employment law

Employment relations play an important role in our everyday life and in our livelihood so when a problem appears, you should reach...

Family law

Ferenda Attorneys is a reliable partner in various family law matters. We handle your case in confidence and with a solid understanding...

Injury claims

Patient injury is often caused by malpractice or negligence in patient care. If an illness, injury, or a decline in physical condition...


Insurance matters are one of our core expertise areas. In the event of loss or damage, you are entitled to compensation according...

Law of inheritance and succession

When we lose a loved one, they leave behind a void in more ways than one. There are many things that are...

Legal aid and legal expenses insurance

State-paid legal aid can be granted to an individual who is unable to cover legal costs themselves due to their financial situation....

Real estate and housing matters

Damage caused by mold or damp is one of the most common problems faced by the buyer following a housing or a...

Tort law

Law of tort focuses on contractual compensation or compensation outside the contract. Different contracts often include a clause for damages, or then...
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Ferenda Attorneys is where you are. Our initial discussion is free of charge and can be held in person, online or by phone. By offering an online meeting option, we can serve our clients all over the country.

After the initial discussion, the client can decide whether they want to proceed with the assignment.