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We are experts at business law.

Our attorneys have wide knowledge and experience in providing legal services for businesses.

We assist businesses in dispute resolution, compensation-related matters, contractual matters and in various claims.

We offer a reliable service for all fields of business across Finland, whether your firm needs general or special counsel.

Our firm’s core values are trustworthiness and transparency. There is never a question too small when you need legal advice. We offer a high-quality and solution-based service to all businesses across the country.

A competent law firm reduces both costs and problems

When a company actively co-operates with a law firm, it is possible to anticipate the risks involved and assess the need for legal services. This will help the company with unnecessary costs and unpleasant surprises.

Each company and each situation is different. We at Ferenda Attorneys are always acting in the best interests of our clients, in the best possible manner. We are specialists at business law and our extensive experience covers a whole range of business law assignments.

Initial consultation is free

No problem is too small to be shared. During the initial consultation, the situation is assessed, and solutions will be offered. The initial consultation is always free for our clients.

Services for companies

Business insurance

Company’s insurance policies are an essential part of risk management. Our lawyers have decades’ of experience in handling issues relating to business...

Contract law

When drawing up business contracts, it is worth doing so with the help of a professional. A well-planned contract is an efficient...

Debt recovery

If a contractual party fails to pay receivables or fulfil a contractual duty, or if a commercial contract turns problematic, an efficient...

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution aims to resolve disagreements when initial negotiations have failed. Even though preventative measures are recommended in case of possible conflicts,...

Employment law and employment relations

Employment law can be a complex entity. Employment relations are regulated by multiple laws and regulations as well as collective agreements. Even...

Housing and estate matters

There are many complex matters relating to managing a housing company, including the Housing Companies Act. Our experts are happy to help...

Law of tort

Tort law focuses on damages subject to a contract and outside-contract damages. Different contracts often include a clause for damages, or then...

Legal services for company management

Attorney complements the board Company management roles carry a lot of responsibilities and high expectations of professionalism. Ferenda Attorneys provide tools and...

Procurement and licensing

Procurement is a large-scale operation, and it is always recommended to consult a professional during the process. Our firm offers expert support...

Transactions and generational handovers

Our attorneys have wide knowledge and experience in providing legal services for businesses. We assist businesses in dispute resolution, compensation-related matters, contractual...
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