ferenda attorneys at law ltd

We are a dynamic full service law firm with an emphasis on business law. We are a reliable partner to both corporate and private customers.

legal solutions for corporate customers

Ferenda provides services which cover all fields of the business law sector. We strive to be our customers’ partner and support in problematic situations, and we wish to help you build effective legal solutions for your company. Our experts deal with insurance, liability, and contract law on a daily basis. Also mergers and acquisitions, employment matters and restructuring of debts are a part of our extensive expertise. Our team of professionals will map out the most suitable solutions for your situation, all done cost effectively. The goal is always to tailor our services to fit case-specific needs.

legal services for private customers

We assist our private sector customers with many of the most important legal matters of their life. You can trust us with real estate transactions, testaments, estate inventory proceedings among other important legal matters. We are also experts in criminal law and disagreements – we will assist you with the trial if needed. When you are in need of legal counselling, you can trust Ferenda.

code of conduct and our values

Everything we do is based on trust. The prerequisite for trust is always openness and honesty. We assess the situation through open discussion and evaluate the right way to proceed based on the discussion. Whether it is a matter of risk prevention or damage control, we always have our customers’ benefit in mind – without forgetting cost efficiency.

All of our attorneys are members of The Finnish Bar Association. You can find the rules and regulations regarding professional conduct from The Finnish Bar Association’s home page.