Housing and estate matters

Housing and estate matters

There are many complex matters relating to managing a housing company, including the Housing Companies Act. Our experts are happy to help any housing company with questions relating to the Housing Companies Act and other issues they may need help with.

Responsibilities/Liabilities in a housing company

There is often uncertainty relating to responsibilities in a housing company.  In some situations, it may be unclear who is liable for maintenance, and this may cause disputes within the housing company and amongst the shareholders. Even though the responsibilities can be laid out in the articles of association, the principles are set out in the Housing Companies Act and in the housing company’s responsibilities chart. We can help your housing company to avoid and resolve any arising conflicts.

We assist housing companies in matters relating to damages and insurance. All the aspects of the matter will be assessed with care and competence. We can also represent housing companies in court.

Real estate and conveyancing

On many occasions, there are significant questions relating to real estate ownership. One example of such occasion is a business transaction. Real estate issues are closely linked to planning and building permission matters in addition to appeals from the council’s decisions. Our services also include assistance in redemption and surveying processes.