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Law of inheritance and succession

When we lose a loved one, they leave behind a void in more ways than one. There are many things that are required from us after the death of a family member.

An estate inventory must be carried out within three months of the death of a family member. We at Ferenda Attorneys have a vast experience in drawing up estate inventories. We also assist in the distribution of the estate and inheritance. We will carry out the estate administration according to the client’s wishes and in a way that makes it possible for the client to receive their share of the inheritance directly to their bank account.

Our lawyers can act as administrators of estate in disputed estates, and we also assist parties to the estate in inheritance disputes. If a party to the estate requires guardianship, we can act as appointed guardians or as substitute guardians.

Our lawyers are experienced in drawing up wills, prenuptial agreements, and power of attorney documents. When drawing up a will, we always take into consideration the personal circumstances of the testator and tax aspects in the matter.

We also assist in tax planning where we aim to minimize inheritance taxation, in accordance the law.

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