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Employment law

Employment relations play an important role in our everyday life and in our livelihood so when a problem appears, you should reach out to a professional for advice.

Our employment experts can assist in all employment matters; during employment negotiations, when drawing up an employment contract, or during the termination process.

We know all the aspects of the law and can provide help even in the most challenging situations. We provide a trustworthy and confidential service during employment-related court proceedings.

In addition to drawing up work contracts and negotiations concerning termination, we have wide experience in employment dispute resolution matters. Employment issues often relate to dismissals and terminations, but terminations relating to fixed-term contracts, trial periods and multiple consecutive fixed-term contracts can also cause problems.

We also assist our clients in preparing an employment contract and in reviewing a director employment agreement or a Contract of Employment for Chief Executive Officers.

If necessary, we will assess our client’s entitlement to free legal aid or to have legal fees covered by legal expenses insurance included in their home insurance.

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